2X HotSybr qPCR Kit


Sybr green dye based 4×1.25ml for 200 reactions. Designed for all kinds of real-time PCR machines.
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HSM400 Regular level of ROX, 200 rnx, 4x1.25ml $169.00
HSM410 Regular level of ROX, 1x5ml $169.00
HSM420 Regular level of ROX, 5x5ml $623.00
HSM430 Regular level of ROX, 1x50m $1,182.00
HSM400LR Low level of ROX, 200 rnx, 4x1.25ml $169.00
HSM410LR Low level of ROX, 1x5ml $169.00
HSM420LR Low level of ROX, 5x5ml $623.00
HSM430LR Low level of ROX, 1x5ml $1,182.00
HSM400RF ROX Free, 200 rnx, 4x1.25ml $169.00
HSM410RF ROX Free, 1x5ml $169.00
HSM420RF ROX Free, 5x5ml $623.00
HSM430RF ROX Free, 1x50ml $1,182.00


Rox Reference Dye Instrument Catalog No.
No Rox BioRad iCycler MiniOpticon, Opticon 2, Chromo 4, iQ5; Roche LightCycler 480; MJ Research DNA Engine Opticon 2, Chromo 4; Corbett Rotogene 3000, 6000 HSM400RF
Low Rox ABI® 7500 qPCR Systems, ViiA™ 7, QuantStudio™ 12K Flex, Agilent Mx3000P™ Mx3005P™ and Mx4000™ HSM400LR
Regular Rox ABI® PRISM® 7000, 7700, 7900HT, ABI® 7300 qPCR Systems, GeneAmp® 5700, StepOne™, and the StepOnePlus™ HSM400

For Research Use Only.

Amplification of human GAPDH gene target with 2X HotSybr Real-time PCR Kit. Amplification curves are shown for ten fold dilutions of 0.0002pM to 20pM of plasmid. Insets show the dissociation profile and the standard curve data.

This is a high performance real-time PCR reagent. It utilizes MCLAB’s proprietary quantitative PCR technology.

2x HotSybr PCR Reaction Mix products cut the total reaction time down to half.

– Normally the total reaction time is 4350 seconds: 95°C, 10 minutes => (95°C, 15 seconds => 60°C, 60 seconds) x 50
– For MCLAB’s 2x HotSybr PCR Reaction Mix, the total reaction time is reduced to 2350 seconds: 95°C, 10 minutes => (95°C, 5 seconds => 60°C, 30 seconds) x 50

Sybr green dye based quantitative PCR: including DNA quantification, 2-step RT PCR, SNP analysis, etc.

Primer and probe design:
Appropriate software, such as ABI Primer ExpressTM, should be used.

Recommended Reaction Conditions:
95°C, 10 minutes -> (95°C, 5 seconds. -> 60°C, 30 seconds.) for 50 cycles -> melting curve.

Recommended Storage Condition: -20°C

To achieve accurate quantification, it is highly recommended to (1) do replicates; (2) reduce pipetting error; (3) primer concentration from 100nM to 300nM; (4) run melting curve following amplification cycles.

Higuchi R, Dollinger G, Walsh PS, Griffith R; Bio/Technology 10: 413-417, 1992

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Regular level of ROX, 200 rnx, 4×1.25ml, Regular level of ROX, 1x5ml, Regular level of ROX, 5x5ml, Regular level of ROX, 1x50m, Low level of ROX, 200 rnx, 4×1.25ml, Low level of ROX, 1x5ml, Low level of ROX, 5x5ml, Low level of ROX, 1x5ml, ROX Free, 200 rnx, 4×1.25ml, ROX Free, 1x5ml, ROX Free, 5x5ml, ROX Free, 1x50ml

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