Protein Expression and Purification


MCLAB provides Protein Expression and Purification services.
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MCLAB Protein Process Services

MCLAB provides a full scope of protein process services, including gene construction, codon optimization, pilot fermentation, and up to gram level scale up purification of recombinant protein .

MCLAB is equipped with up to 250L fermenters, cell lysis devices, centrifuges, ultra-filtration, FPLC, and HPLC. Our scientists have years of experiences in the lab as well as with industrial process development.

What Can We Help?

  • We can help you select expression system and strains, develop standard protocols, and scale up processes.
  • We can also help you solve the challenging problems in the areas of protein solubility, expression levels, refolding, biological activity maintenance, endotoxin level reduction, crystallization, etc.

Service Details

1. Protein Expression in E. coli

  • Single batch and feed batch, high cell density fermentation
  • Inclusion body isolation and protein refolding
  • Soluble protein purification in high yield

2. Expression in Yeast

  • Expression strain construction, positive clone selection
  • Development of procedures and processes for protein in secretion or non secretion
  • Expression strain optimization and scale up production

3. Purification of tagged Proteins

  • One step purification with affinity resins protein with tags: His6, Flag, Fc, GST, maltose, chitin, or glucoprotein.
  • Remove tag with special enzymes: Thrombin, EK, TEV, Precision, or Capase3

4. Further purification of protein

  • Chromatography: Ion exchange, size exclusion, hydrophobic interaction.
  • Affinity: Heparin-sepharose, hypetate, Ciba blue-agarose, red-agarose, benzimidine-agarose, camoduline-agarose resins,
  • Refolding protein
  • Concentration
  • Endotoxin removal

5. Expression/Mammalian cell system

  • Stable cell line production, optimization of stable cell line production, isolation of conditioned media production, isolation of cell pellet, transient transfection production, conditioned media production, Cell Pellet production, and high level of protein production by using transient transfection up to a level of 40 mg/L

6. Expression/Baculovirus system

  • Recombinant virus generation, viral plaque assays, titer determination or viral purification, high titer stock production, and optimization of baculovirus expression
  • Purification protein from inset cell

How to Order?

There are three steps to place the protein service orders:

1. Download the order form: Please download MCLAB’s standard order form for the protein services.

2. Fill in the order form: Please fill in all information available in the order form.

3. Send the order form: Please send the order form to [email protected] to place your order.

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Protein Expression and Purification, Protein Expression and Purification

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