DNA Mutagenesis Services


MCLAB offers a variety of quality, fast and low cost mutagenesis services.
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DNAMUT-100 DNA Mutagenesis Services Please inquire


MCLAB offers a variety of mutagenesis services, allowing any type of mutations to be generated. Our services include design, synthesis, purification of oligonucleotide primers, PCR amplification, transformation, plasmid isolation, and sequence verification.

  • PCR method is used to introduce insertion, deletion or point mutations into specific DNA sequences.
  • Modify the end of a DNA fragment into any defined way
  • Linker-scanning mutagenesis used to introduce clusters of point mutations
  • Fast turn-around time, one week for 10 mutations per fragment
  • 100% guaranteed by DNA sequencing
  • PCR based point mutations can be as low as $250 per mutation
  • The introduction of a large number of mutations in a single DNA is more efficiently performed by gene synthesis

How to order?

Please email [email protected] to place your order. Make sure to include the following information in your order: the DNA sequence that you requested, and PO number from your Accounting Department (or credit card number.)

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DNA Mutagenesis Services, DNA Mutagenesis Services

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