2X BlueStar™ PCR Master Mix


2x BlueStarTM PCR Master Mix contains all the necessary reagents and a gel loading dye. The PCR mix can be directly loaded onto a DNA gel.

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BSPM-100 100 reactions, 2x1.25 ml (50 ul vol) $68.00
BSPM-200 1,000 reactions, 1x25 ml (50 ul vol) $589.00
BSPM-5000 5,000 reactions, 1x125 ml (50 ul vol $2,530.00



The 2X BlueStar™ PCR Master Mix is a pre-mixed 2X concentrated solution containing HoTaq™ DNA Polymerase, reaction buffer, gel loading dye, MgCl2 and dNTPs. The HoTaq™ DNA Polymerase offers hot start PCR for room temperature reaction set-up. The 2X BlueStar™ PCR Master Mix is ideal for applications requiring high yields and routine PCR laboratory use, such as SNP analysis and high throughput end-point PCR.


Figure: Agarose gel result shows superior performance of BlueStar™ PCR Master Mix comparing to JumpStart™ RedTaq® ReadyMix™ Reaction Mix and GoTaq® G2 Hot Start Master Mix for amplification of a 1 Kb product, and lane1 is 1 kb DNA ladder.


  • High Target Yield: 2X BlueStar™ PCR Master Mix is designed with a buffer system optimized for maximum robustness and exceptional polymerase performance.
  • Greater Specificity: Hot-start PCR prevents non-specific amplification while increasing target yield.
  • Enhanced Sensitivity: The HoTaq™ DNA polymerase provides superior amplification regardless of template concentration.
  • Convenient Format: The convenient master mix only requires the addition of PCR primers and DNA template for amplification.

Recommended Storage Condition: Room temperature

PCR conditions:
1. Prepare the reaction at room temperature.
2. Add template, primers and H2O to make up ½ of the desired total volume, and then add equal volume of 2x master mix.
3. The master mix contains a high fidelity DNA polymerase.
4. The elongation speed of this master mix is about 2 Kb per minute.
5. The blue dye runs at about 1 Kb position on an agarose gel.

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100 reactions, 2×1.25 ml (50 ul vol), 1,000 reactions, 1×25 ml (50 ul vol), 5,000 reactions, 1×125 ml (50 ul vol


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