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MC Easy Format™ DNA Sequencing Sample Submission Guidelines

For the most cost-efficient way of your DNA sequencing, please use single PCR tubes, 8-strip, or 96
well plate to submit your DNA sample and your sequencing primers. This way could speed up our
DNA sequencing meanwhile save your cost for the service.

You may choose three different formats (single PCR tubes, 8-strip, or 96 well semi skirted plate) as
shown on picture in the left and mark your samples and primers accordingly before submission.

When you submit 48 or more samples, the best way to do is to using a 96-well PCR plate. Cap the
wells tight with 8-strip caps. To secure your samples from leakage during transportation. We suggest
wrapping the plate in parafilm to further secure the strip caps in position.


MC Easy Format™ Sample Preparation
Minimal Order 8 reactions.

Non-Premixed Samples:

Template Type DNA Concentration DNA Volume Primer Concentration Primer Volume
Plasmid 100 ng/µl 10 µl 3.2µM 10 µl
PCR(100-500bp) 2-5 ng/µl 10 µl 3.2µM 10 µl
PCR(500bp-1kb) 5-10 ng/µl 20 µl 3.2µM 10 µl
PCR(>1kb) 10-20 ng/µl 20 µl 3.2µM 10 µl