How to order

How to order

For first-time orders: Please sign up first.
Please include hard copies of your DNA Sequencing order form and order confirmation page with your shipment/pick-up of DNA samples.

We provide 5 free DNA Sequencing Reactions for our new customers. Here is how to redeem our coupon:

  1.  Create your new User Account at and fill out your Name, Institue and Date.
  2. Order online through your account, complete the online form, and enter ‘FREESAMPLE’ in Customer Notes under the Order Summary section.
  3. Enclose this coupon, a copy of your order form, and samples in an envelope.
  4. Ship your samples overnight to MCLAB, or use an MCLAB drop box(call us for SF Bay Area listings).

Note: A coupon will be applied when we bill your order.Limited to one coupon per order.

For repeated orders :
For each order, an order form is required to provide necessary information including template/primer name, billing information, online account (email address) to receive sequencing data, etc. Please download MCLAB’s standard DNA sequencing order form, complete it, and send it to MCLAB. You can send it through either an email attachment (when placing orders by email) or an online upload (when placing orders online).

Send your samples to MCLAB (free pick up is provided to San Francisco Bay Area customers), and follow Sample Submission Requirements as shown below. If a primer is within our 100+ free universal primers, there is no need to submit it.

Go to the Download Sequences page at MCLAB’s secure website after you have received an email notification from MCLAB, about the availability of your sequencing results. All of your data files will be listed on that page. For each of them, you can simply click a link to align up to 96 sequences using MCLAB’s free tool. On the same page, you can also download free software called FinchTV to view the chromatogram result files.

Free Pickup for Local Customers:
MCLAB provides free sample pickup for San Francisco Bay Area customers, please call us at 650-871-8771 to check if your institute is currently available for pickup.

DNA Sequencing Order Form:
Excel Order Form (Vertical)        
Excel Order Form (Horizontal)    →
Excel Order Form (Single tube)Standard DNA Sequencing Services