Whole Genome Sequencing


Whole genome sequencing reveals the complete DNA make-up of an organism, enabling researchers to better understand variations both within and between species, and to differentiate organisms with a precision that other technologies do not allow. For de novo whole-genome sequencing, the unparalleled raw read accuracy of Illumina NGS technology provides high quality, long contig assemblies.

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MCLAB offers different options to generate sequencer-ready DNA fragment libraries from highly complex or small genomic DNA.

Sample Requirements:

Miminal 0.5ug gDNA at high quality and purity, without contaminants of ssDNA, RNA, oligos, organic contaminants such as phenol and ethanol, does not contain more than 1 mM EDTA

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On dry ice through FedEx overnight

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Whole Genome Sequencing, Whole Genome Sequencing

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