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MCLAB provides various custom cloning services. It is quality, fast and low cost.
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Cloning services

Send us DNA or sequence data, even unknown gene name, and
get your cloned gene ready to use in your downstream applications!

We offer service for cloning of know and unknown genes
and/or fragments from plasmid, cosmid, genomic DNAs, total RNAs or poly(A)
mRNAs and cDNA libraries, synthetic

DNA into any vector, including large double gene vectors.


Competitive price – the lowest price in market.

Reliable – verificationg of clones by sequencing.

Confidential – no data or material provided to third
parties, and all rights are transferred to the customer.

High throughput and multiple fragment cloning compatible –
using our proprietary revolution Choo – Choo cloning system.

Seamless – no extra amino acid at the junction between the insert
and the vector.

Extendable – subsequent in-house production of any amout of
plasmid DNA possible.

Template DNA or RNA, or their description.

Sequence and description of the DNA to be cloned.

Vector or description of the vector for the DNA to be cloned

Primer design for PCR or RT-PCR

Cloning into the vector of your choice.

Sequencing of target DNA in both directions.

Plasmid purification

5-10 business days for known genes

1 month for unknown gene or the template is not available in

Detailed report on the experiments and data obtained.

At least 2.0 µg of the vector containing cloned DNA with
glycerol stock.

How to order?

Please email [email protected] to place your order. Make sure to include the following information in your order: the DNA sequence that you requested, and PO number from your Accounting Department (or credit card number.)

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Regular sub-cloning Services, Regular sub-cloning Services

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