Hairpin DNA & GC Rich Sequencing Premix for BigDye® 3.1


MCLAB’s Hairpin DNA Sequencing Premix for BigDyeTM (ABI) chemistry
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MCLAB’s Hairpin DNA Sequencing Premix is designed to sequence difficult templates containing hairpin structures and high GC contents.

The example condition is as following:

  • Hairpin DNA Sequencing Premix 4µl
  • DNA template 100ng
  • Primer 3.2pmol
  • Add ABI’s BigDye® 0.125µl
  • Add water to final 10µl

Cycle Condition:

  • 1 cycle: 98°C for 3 minutes
  • 25 cycles: 98°C for 10 seconds; 50°C for 5 seconds, and 60°C for 2 minutes

Recommended Storage Condition: -20ºC

Regular sequencing chemistry vs. MCLAB’s Hairpin DNA Sequencing Premix for ABI’s BigDye® 3.1

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1ml, 4ul/rnx, 1ml, 4ul/rnx

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