Whole Plasmid Sequencing


Please include hard-copies of your DNA Sequencing order form and order confirmation page with your shipment/pick-up of DNA samples.
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Fast, accurate, and affordable long-read sequencing

Confirm full plasmids faster, more accurately, and more affordably than ever before with Whole Plasmid Sequencing. NGS generation 3 technology has made it possible to quickly sequence whole plasmids in a fraction of the time and without the hassle of having to design and synthesize primers. The typical turnaround time for whole plasmid sequencing is 1 business day measured from when the samples are received. There is no minimum requirement for the number of samples.

Sample Submission Guidelines

Sample type Size Category Length Concentration Min volume Price per sample
Plasmid Regular 2.5 – 25 kb 30 ng/uL ≥10 uL $15
Large 25 – 125 kb 50 ng/uL ≥20 uL $30
XL 125 – 300 kb 50 ng/uL ≥40 uL $60
Linear/Amplicon Regular 600 bp – 25 kb 30 ng/uL ≥10 uL $15
Large 25 – 125 kb 50 ng/uL ≥20 uL $30
Bacterial Genome Regular up to 7 Mb 100 ng/uL ≥50 uL $90
Large 7 – 12 Mb 100 ng/uL ≥50 uL111 $105


How do I ship samples?

  1. For Bay Area customers, if your order is local, our driver will pick up your sample. You will receive email notifications when the driver is en route and when the sample has been collected.
  2. Send the samples using your preferred carrier. If you choose to use your own carrier, we strongly suggest opting for overnight or next-day delivery to prevent the samples from degrading during transit.

How do I get results?

Results are available to download from the order history page. You will be emailed when the results are ready as well. Currently, 95% of results are delivered within 1 business day from receiving the sample.


No Primers Needed

Unlike short-read sequencing, whole plasmid sequencing does not require any primers.

No library prep needed

Unlike conventional next generation sequencing methods, no library prep is required.


Oxford Nanopore’s reports the raw read accuracy is 98.3% and the consensus accuracy for SNPs is 99.6% with 50X coverage.



– Long read recovery of several kilobases
– Great for GC rich or repetitive DNA
– Detect E. coli and genomic DNA carryover
– Faster TAT compared to traditional primer walking and plasmid verification techniques
– Lower cost than traditional NGS methods
– Verification of the entire vector sequence
– Scalable
– Available from one sample
– 5 – 4 million reads per Flow Cell (dependent on DNA quality and length)


Whole plasmid sequencing using NGS Gen 3 technology is a powerful and accurate method for characterizing and analyzing plasmids, which makes it well suited for a wide range of applications.

– Plasmid Verification
– Resequencing of whole genomes
– Assembly of genomes
– Identification of taxonomic background
– Metagenomic analysis of long reads
– Much more.

Easy to Submit

– Free pick up for local Bay Area customers
– No primers required! It could not be easier
– Requires less DNA than short-read sequencing
– Super simple order page
– Turnaround is typically 1 business day, measured from when samples arrive.

Additional information


Plasmid Regular (2.5 – 25 kb, 30 ng/uL, ≥10 uL), Plasmid Large (25 – 125 kb, 50 ng/uL,≥20 uL), Plasmid XL (125 – 300 kb, 50 ng/uL, ≥40 uL), Linear/Amplicon Regular (600 bp – 25 kb, 30 ng/uL, ≥10 uL), Linear/Amplicon Large (25 – 125 kb, 50 ng/uL, ≥20 uL), Bacterial Genome Regular (up to 7 Mb, 100 ng/uL, ≥50 uL), Bacterial Genome Large (7 – 12 Mb, 100 ng/uL, ≥50 uL), MC DNA Miniprep (High quality plasmid DNA preparation (1 sample))

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